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It is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.

Mahatma Gandhi.

How Kinesiology Helps with Stress

Kinesiology neHow Kinesiology Helps with Stressver ceases to amaze me. I am constantly reminded of the profound effects that can be felt almost immediately by my clients which have inspired me to write and explore something I hear repeatedly in my practice. Something that I too have personally experienced… Simply this – ‘I didn’t know how stressed I was until I wasn’t!’

When assessing new clients, holistic practitioners are carefully monitoring the stress, anxiety and dis-ease in the physical body, the emotional, mental and spiritual world, and the subtle energetic layers. What’s alarming is that people are often unaware of how much stress is affecting their subtle energetic system and how much it has manifested into their physical. Stress and anxiety have been present for so long that their symptoms have become their ‘norm’. When stress and anxiety hit the nervous system and settle in it affects every aspect of our system – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. However, the symptoms become so regular and are so common we tend to get used to them.

Kinesiology can have a profound impact on the energetic layers which filter through into the physical and often the results can be felt immediately. An example of this is when we address the fight/flight response within a balance. Everyday experiences such as driving, confrontations, relationships, work deadlines, parenting demands or any kind of pressure can trigger our fight/flight response. On top of our emotional traumas and past experiences, many people are hit with ‘stress after stress. Our body finds it difficult to reset the ‘stress switch’ so we end up in a constant state of fight/flight. Within a Kinesiology balance, we have the tools and techniques to switch the brain from this survival stress state back to executive functioning, the result being we can begin to bring the nervous system back into balance which has an immediate physiological impact. People feel calm and can think rationally.

This is really the tip of the ice-burg of what can be achieved within a session. People are complicated and our systems are constantly communicating, interacting and reacting to one other, responding to every little detail, every experience and every interaction – conscious and unconscious. Kinesiology has the ability to tap into these systems and trigger a healing response that ripples throughout the entire system. Within a balance, many stressors are brought to the surface and various techniques are applied to ‘diffuse’ the stress. Depending on where the stress is held, essences, tuning forks, Reiki and/or stimulating acupoints, lymphatics or emotional stress release points can all be used within the correction techniques. The gentle nature of Kinesiology means that a session moves along at a pace the client is comfortable with, yet supports powerful and natural healing.

The other amazing thing about Kinesiology is it’s your body talking to the practitioner and telling them where to go. No guessing, no assumptions. Just good honest communication. And the results? Apart from what I have already shared, without fail, time and time again people say to me, ‘Wow, I never knew how stressed out I was until I wasn’t. It is important to note, that every case and every individual is different. Healing always varies between individuals, and the journey is always unique.

My passion for holistic health, natural remedies and more specifically – Kinesiology – began after assessing my family and realising that all of us were in a state of poor health and stress, and the medical system was failing us. I am not anti-medical. It is an important part of the healing spectrum. However western medicine is rooted in reductionism, which simply means looking at a piece of the system rather than the whole. When we heal holistically and address the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects, we balance the system as a whole. Practising Kinesiology, addressing the emotional components of our experiences and issues, and supporting a treatment plan with nutritional advice and mindfulness techniques has been an incredible journey and I have seen people turn their lives around! I am still amazed though when I hear a client comment that they never realised how stressed or anxious they were until – after a balance – they weren’t. For many, it was the first time they could remember feeling so calm and well in their body. That is the effect of Kinesiology.

We human beings are very good at adapting. We get used to being in a state of stress and anxiety, often until our health begins to fail us. My recommendation? Don’t ignore the symptoms. The niggles, the aches, the pain and discomfort – physical, mental or emotional. Address it. Invest in your long-term health and wellness and investigate your inner world. Get to know yourself and start a journey of healing and growing. It’s pretty amazing…

Jo Farkas
Accredited Kinesiologist and Holistic Counsellor

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