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Chiro for Senior Citizens and Elderly

Chiropractic care is safe and effective for seniors, improving mobility and quality of life while relieving pain. Our experienced chiropractors tailor their approach for each patient and condition, providing safe treatment for all ages.

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Unlock the Benefits for a Healthy and Active Senior Life

Regardless of age, your most valuable asset is your health.

Many seniors are unaware of the remarkable benefits that are possible through chiropractic care. Elderly citizens benefit greatly from chiropractic’s conservative, drug free approach. Improving mobility and flexibility becomes even more important as our bodies age. Whether it be for the relief of arthritic pain, to keep up with the grand kids or to improve their golf swing, many seniors appreciate the difference chiropractic care makes to their lives on a daily basis.

In fact, elderly patients are often the most grateful patients, receiving much needed relief from back and neck aches, arthritic pain and headaches. Our Chiropractic care for seniors is tailored for each specific patient and their condition and is extremely safe for those with arthritis or low bone density and osteoporosis.

Knowing what technique and level of force to apply to each patient is what our experienced chiropractors are trained in. 

We look after clients ranging from just days old to over 90 years old. Although our techniques vary greatly, our aim is still the same. We want to ensure healthy and correct spinal function to enable each individual to be at their best. 

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    Where to find our Karrinyup Chiropractors

    Karrinyup Wellness Centre is a holistic healing centre dedicated to getting you back to health. We’re just off Karrinyup Road, just towards the beach from Karrinyup Shopping Centre. Open 6 days a week, our opening hours are 7:30am to 6:30pm on weekdays, and 7:30am to 2:30pm on Saturdays. 

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    At the Karrinyup Wellness Centre we have brought together a team of chiropractors, naturopaths, massage therapists and kinesiologists all dedicated to providing a holistic approach to your health care. Every member of our team shares a common passion and drive: to help every person in their care to improve and reach their health and wellness potential naturally.

    Servicing the areas of Karrinyup, Carine, Doubleview, Scarborough, Trigg, North Beach, Gwelup, Marmion, Duncraig and surrounding northern suburb areas.

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