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It is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.

Mahatma Gandhi.

Women’s Health Week – 3rd to 7th September 2018

Happy Women’s Heath Week ladies!

This week acts as a great reminder for all of us to make sure we take care of ourselves. Consciously making an effort to be well is vital in keeping a balanced and healthy lifestyle and is not something we should feel guilty about or leave at the bottom of our ever multiplying ‘to do’ lists.

Taking steps to look after yourself will not only make you feel great, but allow you to function better so that you are better able to care for those you love.

Here are 7 daily steps which may help you create and maintain a more balanced and well state of being.

  1. Drink plenty of water (a good aim is 2 litres per day).
  2. Get a good night sleep (for further information on good bedtime habits and tips, make an appointment with one of our practitioners).
  3. Practice earthing. Get your shoes off and walk barefoot on either grass or sand at the beach. Thank goodness the weather is warming up!
  4. Move for around an hour or more each day. Any form of exercise will do! Whatever motivates you!
  5. Eat a variety of fresh, wholesome foods.
  6. Get your daily dose of Vitamin D. 10minutes of sunshine is enough. Try to expose your stomach or inner elbows for better absorption.
  7. Meditate. This can be a structured meditation using an ap such as Headspace or just 15 minutes of quiet time where you do literally nothing but sit and breathe. No devices, no background music, no eating, just sit and be present.

This information is stuff we have all heard before and know to work. The trick is actually applying it and continuing to practice until it becomes a part of our everyday routine.

I hope you all enjoy your weeks.

Yours in Health
Dr Amity Hawke-Linsley

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