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It is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.

Mahatma Gandhi.

Week Four : House Products – Shopping

Dr Shinae’s tips for reducing your daily chemical exposure

Hello again beautiful people!

Last week I spoke about food dyes but this week I want to talk about shopping in general. When I was younger I was taught by my lovely parents to always shop around the edges of the supermarket. As a youngster I didn’t understand how much depth this lesson had until I started to shop for myself. I initially believed that around the outside was the fresh stuff, therefore is healthier. As much as this is true, it’s the contrary that is actually the impactful lesson. Not only is the outside full of fresh product, the isles are plastic packaged and hidden with chemicals and nasties! Foods that have extensive shelf life are most often artificially preserved ….. (pause for dramatic effect). Now it may seem like I am spelling out the obvious but let’s delve into this further. When you enter any super market, you usually see the fresh fruit and vegetable section. These foods will or should expire within a week or so. Then you head around to the back wall, this is often meats and dairy. Sometimes these are packaged but still reasonably fresh and will expire within a week or two. Then as you follow the perimeter you will find yourself in the frozen section. These products are usually fresh but frozen so their longevity is extended. While these can appear harmless there are many issues including freezing processes and antifreeze, I recommend you research this further. Pesticides on fruit and vegetables need to be considered too and as do sugars that are often hidden in dairy products and juices, I’ll cover these at a later date. In a nut shell the shelf life for the perimeter produce is a lot shorter than those items down the middle isles.

Think about these packages products and what goes into them to help them last typically beyond their natural shelf life.  This may help you understand the chemicals we are consuming on a daily basis and the impact these are having on our lives.

This has a huge effect on our immune systems as well as our liver and kidneys which need to filter out all of these toxins. So a huge tip for reducing your chemical exposure is to not bring these items into your house in the first place. A local butcher and fresh food grocer is a great habit to start visiting regularly so you aren’t tempted by the isles!

Tune in next time for a further breakdown on chemical exposure and simple ways in which you can reduce the toxic effects without having to change too much. Remember small changes regularly make a big impact and often changing too much too soon can be overwhelming, therefore we fall back into old habits.

Bye for now
Dr Shinae

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