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The Fundamental Importance of Light Touch In Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy

Craniosacral Therapy - How It Works

Touch is what makes us real.

Touch, often described as the first language we learn, is a fundamental aspect of the human experience. Beyond its sensory richness, touch plays a crucial role in our physical, emotional, and mental well-being.

Touch has tangible effects on our physical well-being. From reducing stress hormones to lowering blood pressure, the physical benefits of touch are numerous. Human touch triggers the release of oxytocin promoting feelings of bonding and reducing anxiety. The sensory input from touch stimulates the release of endorphins, the body’s natural mood elevators, reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression.

Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy (BCST) is a holistic approach to healing that focuses on the subtle rhythms and movement within the body. At the heart of this therapeutic modality lies the fundamental importance of light touch. The gentle, non-invasive nature of the touch used in BCST plays a crucial role in facilitating the body’s natural ability to heal and restore balance.

Light touch in BCST is not merely a technique; It is a profound and intentional way of connecting with the body’s inherent forces. The therapist uses a feather-light touch to engage with the client’s craniosacral system, allowing them to listen and respond to the body’s cues. This gentle contact honours the body’s natural rhythms, fostering a sense of safety and allowing for deep relaxation.

Light touch in BCST is a gesture of deep respect for the body’s innate intelligence. Rather than imposing external force, BCST practitioners act as facilitators, creating a safe space for the body to express its unique healing process. This approach acknowledges that the body has its own pace and rhythm for self-correction.

This kind of touch extends beyond the physical realm. It also serves as a catalyst for emotional and energetic release. The gentle contact can help individuals release stored tension, trauma, and emotional blockages, fostering a holistic healing experience that encompasses the mind, body and spirit.

In a world where technology and screens often dominate our interactions, the intrinsic value of light touch in BCST should not be underestimated. From its physical health benefits to its emotional and mental well-being contributions, touch remains an irreplaceable aspect of the human experience.

“Try something now”:

Find a comfortable sitting position and rest the full weight of your hands on your thighs.

Be aware of the dual signal, the inward touch on the inside of the thigh, the outward touch via your hand. You meeting you. What do you notice? Maybe you can feel the tone of your muscles, maybe flowing blood, maybe a sense of the bone deep in the middle. How does the right compare to the left? They are rarely the same.

Now let’s try a perceptual trick. Keep contact but make it a feather-light touch. Slow yourself down and meet the world of interoception.

Go even lighter. Keep contact, that’s important, but imagine your hands floating above your thighs.

What else do you notice? Maybe you get a sense of whole legs, whole sides, your heart and breath. Aliveness. Pulsing. This is me right now, this is my body right now.

Slowly go back to heavy hands.

Virginie Barker
By Virginie Barker

Vi is a biodynamic craniosacral therapist (BCST), flower essence therapist and a busy mum of two young children who are always on the go. She has been in the health industry for over a decade now. Vi started BCST after the difficult birth of her second child – her own personal experience with BCST and flower essence therapy has been so profound that Vi wanted to share and reach out to as many parents and kids as possible so that they may experience the same restorative healing. Vi specializes in newborns, kids, pregnancy and women.

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