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Kick Start Your Year Right

Kick Start Your Year Right

Now January has come and gone, are you not as happy with your efforts to start the new year right as you were a few weeks ago? Did they not go according to plan? Well did you know you can start your year right any time of the year, it doesn’t have to be in January? we put so much pressure on ourselves to start in the new year, but really we have every opportunity to make these changes throughout the year at any time, as we can continually learn to grow and strive for a better life for ourselves and our families. February can be the time to do so. So, don’t feel guilty and let’s get started, especially now the kids are back to school and we can all get into a routine again.

Here are a few ideas to set us all up for success, so we can make some changes that will stick and last and not be a fad at the start of the year and be forgotten a few months in.

Set goals – these can be as big or as small as you like. People usually find that it is easier to set smaller and more frequent goals, so we can actually see ourselves achieving these, so we know we can and will continue to do so. A great idea and one my clients love, is to write down your goals for the week/ month and with each time you complete one, tick it off. If you don’t get to manage it this week or month, put it down for the next one and so on, until it is complete. A sense if achievement can make us all strive. Some examples may be – I eat 3 healthy meals a day, I walk 4 times a week for 30 minutues, I take 30 minutes each day for myself and relax or do the things I wouldn’t usually do (whatever that may be for you.) Making something into a habit can take up to 2 months, so don’t give up, it takes some time for our brains to programme this new behaviour.

Take time out for yourself – this is vital and extremely important for every one of us, we all need to do this, so we can feel positive and refreshed about the day/week to come. If we all take the time to relax for even 5 minutes, it does wonders for our mindset, our mental health and our lives in general.

Put yourself first – some may find this very conflicting and a selfish thing to do, but if we aren’t able to look after ourselves, how can we possibly look after everyone else that relies on us. Show yourself some self-care, self-love and self-appreciation. Kinesiology can really help with this, as most find it difficult to achieve this.

Take a staycation – we don’t need to jump on a plane to get a mini break, we can fill up the car and head away for a night or 2, whether it be an Air BnB or camping, something to take your mind off things and doesn’t have to be expensive. It will help you get in focus for setting all those goals. Getting out to the beach and nature is something some of us take for granted in this spectacular country, we need to appreciate it and learn to take it all in, instead of rushing around and not actually living.

Get a good morning routine – I know this can be difficult for many of us, but once we establish a morning routine, we will never want to go back to how it was before! This sets us up for the day with work or the kids and the extra things you can fit into your day are pretty amazing. Try getting up at the same time everyday, even the weekends where possible, go for a quick walk with the dog or take the kids, eat a proper breakfast and don’t just rush through it. This could be your time to rest and relax with a cuppa.

Try new food and recipes – always try to get some meal prep in also, as this will leave your week stress free and at least you know you will have healthy yummy food at hand when you get in from work. Bulk make some dinners, so you can either freeze the remaining food or it can be used for lunches throughout the week. This is also a great money saver, if you have all the staples in your pantry then your fresh produce each week will only be your real expense. Be adventurous also, if a recipe calls for something you don’t have, then try and use something you have, make it interesting and exciting, saving money and experimenting.

Spend time with the people you love – take the time to go visit family members and friends, this helps our mental health and our hormones. Take a picnic to the local park with a blanket, or a movie date, even a walk on the beach with a coffee (with your own keepcup  ) This can help us put our goals and dreams into perspective.

Those are just a few ideas to help us all start each week/ month off right, so we can have lasting results, which in turn with leave us feeling less stressed and more in control of our lives, leading to a much happier and healthier you.

Three great tips to take into consideration –

  • Finish what you started
  • Be realistic
  • Focus on what YOU really want to achieve, not your families or friends – YOU!

If you are having some difficulty with any of the above, or just in general Kinesiology can help, it is an amazing modality to help us move forward from ailments, past experiences or if you are feeling like you are stuck in a rut at the moment. The lasting benefits of Kinesiology help to change these stubborn and difficult mindsets we may have grown up with or taken on over the years. We offer complimentary assessments at Karrinyup Wellness Centre, where you can come and meet me and have a chat to see if Kinesiology can help you.

Good luck and start NOW!


Belinda Roberts
By Belinda Roberts

Belinda is a qualified Kinesiologist and also has experience as a Reiki practitioner and the NDIS sector.

Belinda’s passion for women’s health, particularly in the areas surrounding nutrition and the effect hormones have on the mind and body, lead her to study Kinesiology at the O’Neill Kinesiology College. With the innate knowledge that everything is connected, studying how the mind and body work has been the perfect stepping stone for her to support others to live the best version of themselves spiritually, emotionally and physically.

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