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How a Deep Tissue Massage Can Help You

Massage therapist applying deep tissue massage techniques to patient's upper back.

If chronic aches and pains, muscle tension or flexibility restrictions are part of your daily routine, deep tissue massage therapy may be the treatment for you.

As one of the most popular styles, from one of the oldest and most common forms of complementary care, deep tissue massage techniques are both tried and tested and frequently used to alleviate both physical and mental stresses. 

What is Deep Tissue Massage Therapy?

Deep tissue massage therapy focuses on working the deep layers of muscle and connective tissue within the body, relieving chronic tension and stress, and improving the structural balance of the body.

Deep tissue massage is largely differentiated from other forms of massage therapy, such as Swedish massage or remedial massage, by the amount of pressure applied during the massage treatment. Deep tissue massage often involves much more firm, sustained pressure than these lighter massage techniques.

Sports massage can often involve deep tissue massage techniques to treat musculoskeletal concerns in athletes, a practice that can be traced back to the origin of deep tissue massage in the ancient Greek sports massages of 800 – 700 BCE.

The Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

Known for its use in treating sports injuries, deep tissue massage therapy can be an effective complementary treatment for aiding muscle recovery and protecting against injury

There are several benefits to deep tissue massage therapy, especially for patients managing chronic pain or muscle tension.

  • Alleviate Muscle Tension: By targeting muscle adhesions or ‘knots’, deep tissue massage can relieve muscle tension.
  • Muscle Recovery: Deep tissue massage can aid in breaking down scar tissue, promoting the body’s self-repair processes.
  • Reduce Stress: Massage therapy has been shown to promote the release of oxytocin and serotonin, aiding in relaxation.
  • Pain Relief: By alleviating tension, relaxing the patient and aiding in self-repair, deep tissue massage can aid in pain relief.
  • Improved Flexibility: Massage can help improve a patient’s range of motion or flexibility by breaking down muscle adhesions and scar tissue to remove obstructions.

Like other forms of massage, deep tissue massage can also promote blood circulation, and engage the lymphatic system to release toxins, aiding in overall health and well-being.

Is Deep Tissue Massage Therapy Right For Me?

With a wide range of different styles of massage therapy available, it can be difficult to know which treatment may be best for you. For the most part, this will depend on why you’re looking for a massage treatment and the benefits you hope to derive from the treatment.

While a deep tissue massage may be effective for treating certain deep-lying muscle problems, an aromatherapy or Swedish massage may be more effective for relaxation or a pregnancy massage for back pain relief while pregnant.

The skilled massage therapists at the Karrinyup Wellness Centre are trained in a variety of massage therapy techniques, including aromatherapy massage, myofascial release and remedial massage.

If you’re seeking a deep tissue massage therapist or are unsure about what massage therapy may be appropriate for you, book an appointment with one of our Karrinyup massage therapists. Our experienced team can help recommend the best massage treatment for you.

Karrinyup Wellness Centre

At Karrinyup Wellness Centre, our Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Massage Therapists, Kinesiologists, BCST, and Dietitian are dedicated to providing a holistic approach to your health care. We believe that true wellness comes from addressing the root cause of your health issues, not just the symptoms.

Initially set up as a chiropractic clinic, the desire to provide a truly integrated holistic approach to health was the catalyst for bringing together some of Perth's finest natural health practitioners.

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At the Karrinyup Wellness Centre we have brought together a team of chiropractors, naturopaths, massage therapists, kinesiologists and a dietitian all dedicated to providing a holistic approach to your health care. Every member of our team shares a common passion and drive: to help every person in their care to improve and reach their health and wellness potential naturally.

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