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It is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.

Mahatma Gandhi.

An Empowered Client

There should come a point on everyone’s health and wellness journey where you feel empowered and begin to actively participate, or even begin to direct your wellness journey forward! That is not to say that you don’t still work with your practitioners, but this is the point in your healing where you are transitioning from a position of being led by your practitioner (which is a common place to begin), to a position of participating in the choices opening up to you moving forward. Your practitioner at Karrinyup Wellness Centre is always working towards your empowerment and getting you on board with the numerous and exciting health and wellness options available to you. There are many indicators that you are moving into your empowerment. Some are subtle, and others are out right obvious.

When deciding if you are more empowered and ready to play a more participatory role in your wellness journey it is wise to ask yourself if you are feeling expansive, or if you are feeling in contraction or ‘withdrawal’.

To expand into empowerment literally means moving forward and expanding out into the world and toward your goals. Contraction or withdrawal means to go backwards, shying away from the world and away from goals. When moving toward a goal, making small incremental achievements, you’re expanding and getting stronger. When going backwards or contracting, one may shy away from even setting goals, believing they are for a select few ‘special’ people. When in a state of contraction, fear is often at the forefront holding you back. When in expansion goals not only become achievable, they often grow and far surpass what an individual may have initially set out to achieve. After working with our wellness specialists, limiting oneself and assigning ‘special’ to those individuals expanding out into the world and achieving extraordinary things is replaced with effort, optimization and motivation to achieve growth and success. Assigning ‘Special’ to these select few is now released as potential is activated. Accountability and responsibility for how and what one achieves in the world is generally now not only accepted but highly regarded.

As an empowered individual you will listen and observe with interest rather than look overwhelmed and frightened and you may feel like you are conversing more on equal footing with your health coaches and peers. You will also be more aware of what’s going on in your body. You may sit more upright, hold yourself with more internal strength and vitality (expansion), rather than stooping or slumping in struggle (contraction). You may feel more expressive, sharper and more focused. You may notice that your reactions to a significant amount of stress or challenge have improved and you may find that you coped remarkably well to that stress and challenge, energy and vitality remaining constant. These are all indicators that you are becoming more conscious, and a more empowered individual.

Ideally you want to reach a point that you are no longer looking for an external ‘guru’ to solve your problems. You are fully aware that you are your own guru, and you are responsible for, and empowered enough to be an active participant in your own health and healing. This is when you utilise our services as a means to continue to propel yourself forward in the world. This is the path of healing and growing in consciousness. It is an absolute joy for us to witness you, our clients reach these heights. It is a testament to the combined effort, dedication and trust in our procedures and your participation and investment in your health and wellness journey! All we ask in return is that you share the secret to your great health, wellness and empowerment with your loved ones and send them on the journey with us too!

Yours in health & happiness,
Joann Farkas
Counsellor & Kinesiologist.


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