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It is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.

Mahatma Gandhi.


Week Four : House Products – Shopping

By Mel   •   May 10th, 2019

Dr Shinae's tips for reducing your daily chemical exposure Hello again beautiful people! Last week I spoke about food dyes but this week I want to talk about shopping in general. When I was younger I was taught by my lovely parents to always shop around the edges of the supermarket. As a youngster I didn't understand how much depth this lesson had until I started to shop for myself. I initially believed that around the outside was the fresh stuff, therefore is healthier. As much as this is true, it's the contrary that is actually the impactful lesson. Not only is the outside full of fresh ...read more

Week Two – House Products – Food Dyes

By Mel   •   May 3rd, 2019

Dr Shinae’s tips for reducing your daily chemical exposure Hello again beautiful people! Food Dye, now this is something that I didn’t even consider to be toxic, it doesn’t smell bad, taste bad or even look bad. It’s just pretty colours to make your food like awesome right?? WRONG! There are three most widely used culprits—Yellow 5, Yellow 6 and Red 40—containing compounds, including benzidine and 4-aminobiphenyl. Research has associated food dyes with problems in children including allergies, hyperactivity, learning impairment, irritability and aggressiveness. Given food ...read more

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Dr Shinae’s tips for reducing your daily chemical exposure

By Mel   •   April 24th, 2019

Hello beautiful people, Over the next few weeks I am going to discuss some of the choices I have made to help reduce my chemical exposure. Reducing your daily chemical exposure is something that needs to be done slowly in order to implement the habits properly. Before I change any of my products, I like to do a lot of research on the products I choose to make sure when I make the move, I am making the best possible choice. I have attached links throughout this blog so you can do your own research on the products I recommend. Week One: Body products – Dyes Today I will delve into the world ...read more


By Mel   •   April 10th, 2019

What is a Superfood? Most of us have had the experience that when we make poor food choices it can leave us feeling sluggish and tired. When we do the opposite and eat a high amount of fruit and vegetables and less ‘junk’ or processed foods we feel better. So what if we were to incorporate superfoods in our diet? Well, superfoods have the potential to take this feeling of wellbeing to another level. A superfood is a nutrient dense food that has a positive benefit on our health. This means it gives a high amount of vitamins, mineral, phytochemicals and antioxidants with very few ...read more

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