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It is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.

Mahatma Gandhi.

Our Naturopaths

Jessica Welsford ND
Adv Dip App Sc (NAT) ATMS

Even as a child Jessica knew that she wanted to help people.  As an adult she saw how living a holistic lifestyle and making natural health choices could hugely improve your wellbeing and how important that was for her to share with others.  She is now an experienced and dedicated Naturopath who began practicing in 2002.  Having worked in the health industry since 1993, she came to see that there was more to health care than a symptom based approach.  Her love of science, chemistry and the workings of the body lead her to study science and psychology at UWA and biochemistry, genetics and biomedicine at ECU. It was Naturopathy, however, that provided the holistic approach to health that she was looking for.

Jessica is all about family health and wellness so she is very excited to return to Karrinyup Wellness Centre after extended maternity leave. She loves working alongside other practitioners and the shared care that provides for her clients. Since becoming a mother Jessica’s love for working with families has grown, whether it be helping their journey in becoming parents or helping each member to grow and flourish. She is passionate about paediatric care and providing the best start in life for our children.  Jessica also enjoys working alongside clients assisting in energy, sleep, stress and mood support; hormone balance, including adrenal and thyroid; detox and gut health; and immune and allergy support.

Jessica has a love of herbal medicine and incorporating individually tailored medicines for her patients. She will draw on different tools for each of her patients to really understand what is underlying any health concerns. These can include functional medicine and testing, iridology, nutrition, biochemistry, homeopathy, flower essences and muscle testing.  Jessica aims to ensure a balance of physical, spiritual and emotional care to her patients and her practice.

Jessica believes there is nothing more rewarding than impacting someone’s health for the better. Natural medicine approaches are life changing and make what she does so worthwhile. Everybody deserves to feel good and reach their potential.

Louise Sharman
B.H.Sc (NAT)

Louise’s journey with Naturopathy began when she sought help for her own health challenges. She quickly became fascinated by the practice of Naturopathy and the complexity of the human body. This motivated her to study a Bachelor of Health Science at the Endeavour College of Natural Health, where her passion for holistic health grew.

Louise takes an approach that aims to consider all aspects of health and puts her clients at the centre of her practice with individualised treatments. There is no one size fits all; Louise works with her clients to create tailored treatment plans that incorporate all aspects of health to suit to her client’s needs. She feels that everyone should have the opportunity to feel the best they can and helps her clients to peel back the layers of their health to discover the root cause of their ailments to support them in making long term and sustainable health changes. 

She uses a combination of traditional Naturopathic practices with up to date scientific research, both in-house and external pathology testing to form a full picture of your health for her to work with.

Louise enjoys working with a range of conditions and would love to see you in the centre soon.

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