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It is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.

Mahatma Gandhi.

Our Kinesiologists

Joann Farkas
Adv, Dip. of Kinesiology
Adv. Dip. Holistic Counselling

Jo’s philosophy and approach to health and wellness coaching is that it is important to work with the physical, emotional & spiritual body, and to become an authentic, empowered & motivated human being, it is essential to connect and synergize these parts of ourselves. Being able to listen to your body, connect and hold your emotions in mindfulness and develop a greater sense and awareness of yourself is an amazing and empowering journey. This can bring about healing emotional difficulties & struggles, and identify and address physical blocks.

Jo holds a certificate in Nutritional Wellness & Lifestyle coaching and has participated in a number of workshops including wellness retreats, yoga & breath meditations, nutrition, fermentation & raw food workshops. She has a special interest in the Neurological component of our health and wellness and the effect our emotional world has on our ability to cope and manage stress. Jo has also participated in further training and specialised programs in Neuro-emotional pathways, Neuroplasticity and Brain Nutrition.


Kristine Dorado
Adv. Dip. Functional Kinesiology
Adv. Dip. Naturopathy
Adv. Dip. Western Herbal Medicine

Kristine is one of our multidisciplinary wellness practitioners who skilfully combines her knowledge of naturopathy and specialised neuro-training with Kinesiology to meet each individual’s needs! Her work involves looking into the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the client to bring about change. She loves helping others realise their full potential.

Kristine has over a decade of experience in various roles in the natural medicine field,as well as being an active foster carer for over six years. Besides fostering, Kristine also takes part in regularly hosting overseas students as part of her dedication to multicultural education and community welfare. When travelling overseas it has become her family’s tradition to give back to the local community they are visiting.

Kristine constantly attends seminars and workshops to update her skills and knowledge and she has an active interest in the well-being of children and their parents. This interest undoubtably stems from her first experience with the benefits of kinesiology after her son received treatment for his anxiety around attending school. She was so impressed with the results she began getting regular treatment for herself and hasn’t stopped since! She found this therapy to be relaxing, but it also had the ability to bring about change.

As a child Kristine invested her pocket money in purchasing vitamins and health foods as she was developing a keen interest and passion for natural health. She knew she wanted to help others and so her journey began! Later in life and during her own healing and personal journey with Kinesiology, Kristine was supported by some very inspiring wellness therapists who reignited her passion to help others on a deeper level. Feeling empowered by her own experiences and her observations of other people’s, she went on to study Kinesiology and has never looked back!

Kristine is currently completing a Diploma in Neuro-Training as this area fascinates her and feeds her love for learning. Using her knowledge as a Reiki practitioner she has been participating at, and facilitating, meditation sessions, retreats and workshops, all of which have benefited her continued personal journey, and that of her clients. Such an experience enables Kristine to cater for your personal health journey, no matter your age.

When Kristine isn’t with her clients, you will find her browsing for healthy foods and ingredients at the local market, spoiling her Pekingese pup Prince, and out with the family watching her son’s soccer matches.

Kristine looks forward to being part of your health journey and facilitating the changes you deserve and desire!

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