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It is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.

Mahatma Gandhi.

Our Kinesiologists

Joann Farkas
Adv. Dip. of Kinesiology
Adv. Dip. Holistic Counselling
ATMS Accredited Trainer

Joann Farkas is an accredited Holistic Counsellor, Kinesiologist and Usui Reiki practitioner and has recently been accredited to teach her training course ‘Informed Communication & Counselling for Practitioners’. Jo has also been privileged to study the Buddha Dharma education including spiritual nutrition & fasting at the Dharma International Healing Centre on the beautiful island of Koh Samui in Thailand.

Having a specific interest and passion for the neurological aspect of the impact stress and trauma has on our ability to think, process, function and thrive, Jo has participated in further training and specialised kinesiology programs addressing Neuro-emotional pathways, Neuroplasticity and Brain Nutrition. Combined with a specific counselling model, Jo has worked successfully with PTSD, grief counselling, chronic anxiety and stress, as well as many neurological disorders, chronic illness, learning delays, sleep disturbances including insomnia and night terrors, migraines, hormonal imbalances and many more issues that affect an individual’s ability to fully function in the world. 

​Jo also holds a certificate in Nutritional Wellness & Lifestyle Coaching and has participated in a number of workshops including wellness retreats, yoga & breath meditations, nutrition, fermentation & raw food classes. Wim Hof method, functional movement, yoga, and a passion for community and connectedness are an essential part of Jo’s life. As a mother of two young children, working with kids, sharing this approach with her own children and paving the way to keep our kids conscious, connected and enlivened in a world of growing technology is also a passion of Jo’s. 

Jo’s philosophy and approach to health and wellness coaching is that it is important to work with the physical, emotional & spiritual body, and to become an authentic, empowered & motivated human being, it is essential to connect and synergize each of these parts of ourselves. Being able to listen to your body, connect and hold your emotions in mindfulness and develop a greater awareness of yourself is an amazing and empowering journey that can bring about healing emotional difficulties & struggles, identify and address physical blocks and reconnect us to our innate physical intelligence, opening us to the creative & divine aspect of our higher selves, our spiritual self.

​Jo is an allied health specialist and has also been approved as an accredited trainer for continued professional education for practitioners.

When she’s not busy in her practice or teaching and sharing her knowledge somewhere around the world, you’ll find Jo at her local functional movement centre learning new ways to strengthen and move, climbing with her kids at Portside Bouldering or out and about with her 2 dogs in nature.

Sue Spyvee
Adv. Dip. Kinesiology

Sue is an Allied Health Specialist and accredited Kinesiologist who trained with O’Neil Kinesiology College and Charles Krebs. Sue has a passion for health and helping others change their lives for the better.

Sues’ interest in Kinesiology developed when she was trying to resolve a long standing sports injury. Sue explored Allied Health options as an alternative to surgery. Success with Kinesiology and Chiropractic treatments led her to a career as a Kinesiologist. Sue has also completed advanced training in Sports Kinesiology and in Learning Enhancement Advanced Program (LEAP). She is continuing further Kinesiology training and mentoring to bring the latest research and techniques to clients. Sue has successfully treated a range of issues and in particular she has helped clients with long-term sports injuries and physical pain, hormonal imbalances, menopause, adrenal fatigue, learning difficulties, digestive problems and stress.

Sue takes a tailored approach to working with clients to better create positive health outcomes. She has a down to earth practical style to improve peoples’ health and likes to empower clients to nurture their own well-being.

Sue is a mother of 3 energetic boys and loves spending time at the ocean with her family and friends. Most weekends she is on the sidelines supporting her sons enjoying their football, basketball and surfing. She is passionate about staying fit and healthy and utilises her nutrition and medical background to maintain overall health.

Dominique Mallon 
Adv. Dip. of Kinesiology

Dominique graduated from a 3-year Advanced diploma from O’Neill’s Kinesiology College in Perth in 2016. Wellness and health have always played a major impact in her life, as she has always tried to help and aid others whenever she could, even as a little girl her grandmother always thought she was going to help people as her job. She loves and thrives on helping people maintain balance and support in their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies.

Dominique has a passion for women’s health, including hormones, fertility issues and emotional blocks and traumas. She has continued her education by regularly partaking in courses that interest and benefit her skill, this includes NEP’s (neuro emotional pathways in the brain), APEC ( extra meridians), Charles Krebs human blueprint, MTHFR gene workshop, as well as many more beneficial courses she has added to her toolkit, to give the best and overall care to her clients. Dominique loves all aspects of healing and helping people with Kinesiology, as she has seen a wide variety of clients with all issues and ailments.

Dominque felt the amazing benefit of kinesiology herself and therefore she perused her career in Kinesiology. She had chronic sciatica and had tried everything to try and resolve the problem and it was only after seeing a Kinesiologist that she realised the benefits it had for her. It had helped not just her physical pain, but the emotional and mental triggers that come along with it. A physical problem may be spurred on by emotional triggers, which can be understood and explained through the amazing techniques kinesiology now allows her to practice.

When Dominique is not in clinic, she loves getting outdoors and walking.  She values spending time outside in the fresh air as such an important part of her mental health and all over wellness. You will always find Dominique baking some healthy treats, as she loves cooking and baking.


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