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It is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.

Mahatma Gandhi.

World Spine Day : Your Back in Action – 16th October 2017


Get ‘Your Back in Action’ on World Spine Day

As part of World Spine Day on 16th October, the Chiropractors at Karrinyup Wellness Centre are raising awareness of spinal disorders and encouraging people to take action towards improving their spinal health.

World Spine Day is an initiative of the Global Alliance for Musculoskeletal Health (formerly Bone and Joint Decade) that aims to raise awareness about the serious impact of spinal disorders.  This year the theme is ‘Your Back in Action’, emphasising the importance of healthy spinal posture and activity which promotes body awareness and minimises the day-to-day wear and tear on the spine.  People and organisations from around the world are joining together to raise awareness regarding the prevention and effective management of spinal conditions.

Millions of Australians are suffering from back pain and other spinal health issues.  The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare reports that 1 in 6 Australians are suffering from back problems and that these often lead to poorer quality of life, psychological distress and disability.  At Karrinyup Wellness Centre, we are encouraging our clients and the Perth community to start a conversation about spinal disorders and take steps to improve their spinal health.  As healthcare professionals who focus on the relationship between the spine and the nervous system, Chiropractors are well-placed to offer preventative and lifestyle advice regarding chronic back pain.  They aim to restore and maintain normal spinal function, collaborating with other healthcare professionals, where necessary.

World Spine Day is a great reminder to assess your spinal health and address any issues you may be facing.  Poor lifestyle choices can cause stress on the spine and may result in back pain over time.  Incorporating exercise into your daily routine and improving your posture can have a positive impact on your spinal health, overall well-being and general outlook on life.

The Chiropractors’ Association of Australia (CAA) has developed the Straighten Up app to help with improving posture and incorporating exercise into your daily routine.  Download the Straighten Up (Australia) app from the App Store or Google Play to receive reminders and helpful tips on how to improve your spinal health.

During the month of October the team at Karrinyup Wellness Centre will be offering Complimentary Spinal Health Assessment to help you find out how to get ‘Your Back in Action’.

Call the Karrinyup Wellness Centre on 9341 3020 to book your Complimentary Assessment today.

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