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Aiding Your Child’s Immune System With Naturopathy


A good immunity is something that seems unachievable in the heart of winter. I say this as a mum of a toddler who attends care with other children of all ages. Even with a decent understanding of the immune system and health, I still find this a hard phenomenon to master. 

Every winter I enter thinking I’ve learnt from last year and we are gonna get through unscathed, but then I had a thought. A good immune system doesn’t mean not getting sick. What do you mean, I hear you say?

A healthy immune system means that if your body is confronted by a pathogen, whether a virus, gastro, bacterial infection etc. It quickly gets to work resolving the issue. The healthier your immune system the quicker you should be back on your feet. 

Naturopathic Treatments

There are plenty of ways to help improve your fighting capacity with naturopathy. Through the use of herbs, probiotics, vitamins, homeopathics, essential oils, air purifiers, sunlight, good quality food and water. I also think mental health has a huge part to play in a well-functioning immune system so practice that gratitude. 🙏 

I personally like to use all of the above methods. Many tools in my toolbox you could say. Although some of these things can be quite difficult to administer to a baby or toddler so I have some helpful tips for you all. One’s I’ve personally used and learnt from over the past few years. 

Treating Children With Naturopathy

Firstly, Brauer Baby and Child Immunity support liquid is a great thing to pop into the milk or water bottle on the daily. I’ll often add the probiotics this way too. 

Another way I have found successful which is probably more appropriate for a toddler is The Patch Remedy immune patches. We call them ‘healthy bandaids’ and I place them on his foot so it doesn’t damage his fragile skin. I also pop them in a different place every time so the skin doesn’t get irritated. 

Homeopathics I administer either via a bottle with distilled water or straight under the tongue depending on the mood we are working with. 

Sunlight is an easy one although it’s best absorbed via the booty, back and belly, so winter is inherently a bit harder to achieve Vitamin D absorption but my suggestion is to pop on those Ugg boots and get the booty out with a jumper on. Or change it up with pants on, top off and pair with a beanie. You only need 15 mins, so a high-energy activity to keep warm is a good idea to couple it with. Aiming for the middle of the day is best for warmth and absorption, but sometimes the weather is coming in, so just get out there whenever you see an opportunity. 

Essential oils I usually diffuse in the room overnight if you are comfortable doing so. 

Additional Tips

Other tips would be to watch out for sinus congestion as this will cause regular wakeups throughout the night. I usually use a fess spray if I suspect something coming on or if he’s waking in an unusual pattern.  

I highly recommend an air purifier and purchasing good quality food. Organic if possible or from a farmers market. You can usually tell the quality of the veggies and fruit by how long they last in the fridge but remember to always wash them. 

Finally, a water filter is something that’s essential for keeping up good health. I think about it like the less irritated my body is with chemicals, toxins, pesticides etc, it has more of a chance to fight down them pesky pathogens trying to take us down in winter. I urge you to do research on each and every one of these things I suggested and see which suits your family. 

Remember to implement slowly, so you can make it a sustainable habit, consistency is key. 

If you have any questions about naturopathic or children’s chiropractic care please come through the clinic and bring it up in your appointment. 

Bye for now,

Dr Shinae Brownrigg 

P.S. Happy winter solstice, the days are getting longer! 

Dr Shinae Brownrigg
By Dr Shinae Brownrigg


Dr Shinae is all about balance in life and helping others to achieve their health goals. She has a huge desire to learn more so she can share her knowledge with those around her. She loves to educate the public about natural health care options as well as how to main your spine so you can get the most out of your retirement years in the future. Dr Shinae believes prevention is always better than a cure and that it is very difficult to achieve the same level of activity with an injured or degenerate spine.

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