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It is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.

Mahatma Gandhi.

Our Chiropractors

BarrySmithDr Barry Smith
B.Sc. (Chiro), B.Chiro(Hons), I.C.S.S.D. DOCTOR OF CHIROPRACTIC

Dr Smith was first adjusted by a chiropractor as a child himself, and was inspired by the levels he could take his life to as a result of wellness. To facilitate others on this same journey is an absolute privilege for him and is exciting to watch. That is why he now devotes his life to walking and breathing all things chiropractic. If he’s not at Karrinyup Wellness Centre, you can usually find him surfing the beautiful blue waters of our Indian Ocean.

Dr Smith is one of the directors of Karrinyup Wellness Centre where he has been practising since 2007. He graduated from Murdoch University with honours and has worked in multi-disciplinary clinics that emphasise paediatric and family care around Australia as well as here in Perth.

In practice Dr Smith treats families, pregnant mums and children. His enthusiasm and energy gives him the ability to work with, engage and captivate the children under his care. He has a broad training in a range of chiropractic techniques and extensive training in Neural Organisation Technique and Applied Kinesiology. Other techniques include pregnancy (Webster), Activator, and a variety of sports chiropractic techniques such as Rehabilitation, Dry Needling, Graston and Kinesiotaping.

JasonAlachDr Jason Alach
B.Sc. (HB), B.Sc. (Chiro), B. Chiro. DOCTOR OF CHIROPRACTIC

Jason’s early experience with Chiropractic inspired him to want to help other people. Jason completed a five year Chiropractic degree at Murdoch University, Perth in 2006. He has also completed a three year Bachelor of Science degree in Human Biology with a minor in Nutrition. Jason began working at the Karrinyup Wellness Centre in 2010. Prior to this he was at Joondalup Chiropractic. Jason has completed extensive post graduate training in multiple chiropractic techniques including Advanced Bio-Structural Correction (ABC), Sacro-Occipital Technique (SOT), Neuro-organisational technique (NOT), Applied Kinesiology, Activator, Neuro-emotional technique (NET) and pregnancy chiropractic (Webster Technique).

Jason loves to see people’s lives change for the better, with chiropractic care and healthy lifestyle changes. Since the birth of his daughter in 2009 he has taken a special interest in chiropractic for pregnancy and children. Jason finds that having many techniques that he can use and tailor to patients’ needs enable improved outcomes and provides a unique and holistic approach to health. Jason’s other passions include surfing, playing guitar, writing music, organic vegetable growing and most of all, spending family time with his children Claudia and Luke.

JasonPerryDr Jason Perry
B.Sc. (Chiro), B.Chiro (Hons), B.Sci (Sports Sci) Dip. H.Sci (Remedial Mass) DOCTOR OF CHIROPRACTIC

After leaving high school Dr Jason Perry trained to become a tradesman in cabinet making. Due to the economic downturn in the early 90s and suffering various physical problems from past childhood injuries he found himself no longer enjoying furniture making. Dr Perry decided to enrol in the inaugural Sports Science program at Edith Cowan University where he very much enjoyed the rehabilitation, exercise physiology and biomechanics units. In one of those classes he learnt about various physical therapy techniques for which he seemed to have a skill or knack. To further his knowledge in this area he did a 12 month certification course in remedial massage techniques at a private college.

After five years of intense study at Murdoch University, Dr Perry graduated with honors and began his new career as a Chiropractor! Since graduating Dr Perry has completed extensive training in Neuro Organisation Technique (NOT), Advanced Biostructural (ABC), a technique that specialises in postural correction, as well as both acute and chronic pain syndromes, Sacro-occipital Technique (SOT), Applied Kinesiology, Diversified, Webster Technique (Pregnancy), Trigenics (soft tissue muscle release), Dry Needling and Kinesio taping. He has also attended the Inspiral Paediatric Seminars to advance his skills and techniques in infant and child chiropractic care.

When in practice, Dr Perry’s main concern is to help each individual person and their families to become the best that they can possibly be. This can mean at school, work, during sports or any day- to-day activities that you like to do – even those household chores that have just got to be done!

IMG_5148__1469081060_110.142.58.111Dr Amity Hawke-Linsley
B.Sc. (Chiro), B.Chiro (Dist) DOCTOR OF CHIROPRACTIC

Dr Amity graduated from the five year Chiropractic program at Murdoch University with distinction.

From a very young age Dr Amity knew she wanted to be a Chiropractor.  Having received regular adjustments with her family since she was a baby, she has been fortunate enough to personally experience all that wellness care has to offer. She feels truly blessed and privileged to now to be able to offer the same opportunities to her clients.

Dr Amity believes in a holistic approach to health, where prevention is better than cure.

Dr Amity utilises both manual adjustments as well as other gentle Chiropractic techniques such as SOT, NOT and activator to help her clients function and perform at their best.

Other techniques studied and used by Dr Amity include Applied Kinesiology (AK), Neuro-Emotional Technique (NET), Inspiral Paediatric Protocol, drop piece, graston/STM-fish soft tissue release techniques, kinesio taping and Sympathetic Dominance protocol.

Dr Amity loves furthering herself in all things Chiropractic and is always improving on her knowledge and skills so that she may better help her clients and achieve their individual health goals.

Dr Amity loves treating people of all ages and stages in life. From elite athletes to week end warriors, babies to seniors, offices workers to labourers, students to pregnant mothers, she enjoys helping everyone achieve higher health through optimising the way their bodies function.

IMG_2750 (2) (768x1024)Dr Shinae Brownrigg

Dr Shinae is a 2014 Murdoch Chiropractic graduate with a love for natural health care. Dr Shinae is all about balance in life and helping others to achieve their health goals. As a hobby Dr Shinae loves camping and getting down to the beach with her partner and their dogs.  Chiropractic was a life changer for Dr Shinae as she realised the impact she could make helping people to reach their optimal health naturally.

Dr Shinae has a huge desire to learn more so she can share her knowledge with those around her. She loves to educate the public about natural health care options as well as how to main your spine so you can get the most out of your retirement years in the future. Dr Shinae believes prevention is always better than a cure and that it is very difficult to achieve the same level of activity with an injured or degenerate spine.

Dr Shinae has a love for helping people of all ages with their health goals, whether that be to improve their PB in sport or just improve their overall health so they can be on top of their daily tasks. Dr Shinae also has experience and can help with shoulder dysfunction and any posture issue you might have. In practice Dr Shinae is diverse in that she is a firm manual adjuster as well as utilising lower force techniques like pelvic blocking, NOT, Thompson and Activator techniques. She has a background in sports training and rehabilitation therefore regularly uses kinestiotaping, soft tissue mobilisation and exercise prescription.

Dr Sean Laurie

Dr Sean initially became interested in Chiropractic due to his interest in enhancing sporting performance, which quickly led to him realising the potential improvement that Chiropractic care can have on all facets of day-to-day life. Graduating in 2012, Dr Sean completed his 5 years of Chiropractic training locally at Murdoch University. It was during this time that he was exposed to how effectively Chiropractic care can help both high performance athletes, and the wider population, with not only performance and recovery but also general function and comfort.

Dr Sean has a great passion for helping people achieve their goals, whether that be in a Chiropractic setting or in a more general sense, and can often be found volunteering his time and skills in aiding his friends and family in their various endeavours in his spare time. Dr Sean also enjoys teaching and coaching younger children and young adults, something he has done since he worked as a junior tennis coach at 15 growing up in Denmark. Dr Sean attributes his easy-going nature with youngsters to him being the oldest of 4 boisterous and competitive children, one of whom was recently drafted to play in the AFLW.

Dr Sean has completed training in the Sympathetic Dominance protocol that deals particularly with people who suffer from ongoing stress, and as part of that has had extensive dealings with issues relating to jaw function. In practice Dr Sean is able to perform both gentle and firm manual adjustments, as well as pelvic blocking, NOT, Thompson Drop-piece, Activator, Dry Needling and soft-tissue release techniques. Coupled with Dr Sean’s on-site care is often advice on at-home exercises and directions to enhance the effectiveness of a care program.

Dr Scott Brownrigg

Dr Scott is a graduate of Murdoch University in Perth, Western Australia, where he studied and received his Bachelor in Science (Chiropractic) and Bachelor of Chiropractic. Dr Scott has been under Chiropractic care since he was a young boy and knows just how much his care can improve his clients’ lives. Dr Scott’s philosophy is “why not service your body like you would service your car”. He believes in order to prevent your body from having a breakdown, you must take care of it by regularly servicing it, not only through chiropractic but also nutrition, exercise and practices that strengthen your mental health and relieve stress.

Dr Scott believes everyone deserves a chance to perform at their best and offers extensive education of both adjustment techniques as well as Neural Organisation Technique (NOT) to provide healing and repair for his clients. His encouragement for clients to achieve a healthy lifestyle is coupled with his extensive and in depth at home exercises and rehab programs for all conditions to ensure all clients at Karrinyup Wellness Centre receive the same level of care he did while growing up.

Dr Scott embraces the wellness philosophy and is passionate about caring for families and children.

When Dr Scott isn’t treating clients at Karrinyup Wellness Centre, he is usually exploring Australia’s beaches and beautiful oceans both above and below the surface of water.

Dr Emily Udiljak

Dr Emily graduated from the five year Murdoch University Chiropractic program with a strong passion for chiropractic. She was lucky enough to be exposed to the benefits of Chiropractic care from a very young age and therefore, she is truly delighted to be a part of the amazing team at Karrinyup Wellness Centre, where she can share her passion to educate and inspire the community to reach their optimum health naturally.

Dr Emily loves to continue to learn so that she can educate those around her and believes that prevention is the key to great health. She is diverse in the way she utilises both manual adjustments as well as other gentle Chiropractic techniques such as SOT and NOT. Many other techniques that Dr Emily has studied and uses include drop-piece, soft tissue release techniques, taping, dry needling and exercise prescription. Dr Emily has a love for helping all people in optimising the way their bodies function and has developed a strong interest in caring and supporting women and children. She can’t wait to continue to further her knowledge in women’s health and paediatrics and looks forward to assisting all throughout their journey to health.

Outside of chiropractic Dr Emily enjoys pilates and walks along the coast with friends and family.

Dr Katie Hooper

From a young age Dr Katie has experienced firsthand the amazing health benefits of chiropractic. Motivated by this Dr Katie completed her five-year double degree in Bachelor of Chiropractic Science (BScChiro) and Bachelor of Clinical Chiropractic (BClinChiro) at Murdoch University.

Katie has a keen interest in children and pregnancy care as well as helping the whole family function to the best of their ability whether it be the new born baby, the grandparents or anyone in between!

Dr Katie’s main goal is to help people achieve their best possible health and she has a strong belief in wellness care. To do this Dr Katie utilises a variety of techniques including manual adjustments, neural organisation technique (NOT), activator method, drop piece, soft tissue techniques, dry needling and exercise prescription and advice which will be personalised to suite the patient. Dr Katie also believes in life long education and is always trying to learn new things in an endeavour to help improve her patients’ health.

When Katie isn’t immersing herself into the world of Chiropractic, she enjoys staying active, spending time with family and friends and getting back to her family farm.

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