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It is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.

Mahatma Gandhi.



By Mel   •   November 21st, 2017

On Saturday I successfully completed a seminar series on the latest research and evidence in relation to neck pain and headaches.Neck pain and headaches can be disabling and takes us away from important aspects of life such as family, sport and work – costing us financially and our enjoyment.Common contributing factors are stress, posture (especially at the computer and desks) and exercise (or lack thereof).One of the most important factors to remember when it comes to neck pain and headaches is that the alignment of the neck is very important to withstand and distribute the forces we put ...read more

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Anxiety – Managing the Restlessness Within

By Mel   •   October 9th, 2017

 We may all suffer some form of mental health in our lifetime whether it is depression or anxiety or both. But with all the pressures of modern life, the fast pace, social media, mobile phones, it seems this is on the increase.Symptoms of anxiety can be very unsettling. Your heart rate increases, your mind races and you can no longer think straight. Though everyone experiences anxiety a bit differently, there are some more common symptoms to look out for:racing heart;hot flushes, sweating and skin clamminess;rapid breathing; and/orfrequent gastrointestinal upsets.feelings of excess ...read more

World Spine Day : Your Back in Action – 16th October 2017

By Mel   •   October 3rd, 2017

 Get 'Your Back in Action' on World Spine DayAs part of World Spine Day on 16th October, the Chiropractors at Karrinyup Wellness Centre are raising awareness of spinal disorders and encouraging people to take action towards improving their spinal health.World Spine Day is an initiative of the Global Alliance for Musculoskeletal Health (formerly Bone and Joint Decade) that aims to raise awareness about the serious impact of spinal disorders.  This year the theme is 'Your Back in Action', emphasising the importance of healthy spinal posture and activity which promotes body awareness and ...read more

Spring has Arrived!

By Mel   •   September 27th, 2017

We are so excited here at Karrinyup Wellness Centre that Spring has arrived and we are now well on our way to seeing warmer weather and longer days.  For many, Spring is the time of year when they suffer most from hay fever and allergies.  Along with a regular schedule of Chiropractic care, here are some other remedies of a natural approach for those of you who are experiencing hay fever symptoms:Metagenics Allergeze is a fantastic supplement to reduce hay fever symptoms – just ask your Chiropractor, Naturopath or front desk team member about it today!For homeopathy, Karrinyup Wellness ...read more