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It is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.

Mahatma Gandhi.

The magic in nothing!

We all strive to achieve our goals but a lot of the time we are caught up with doing and multitasking and often don’t realise that we are not really focused on our purpose. We are just existing and ticking boxes and stuck in the daily grind. It’s so easy to just react to what screams the loudest and in the current day there its more than just people asking things from you. There is devices notifying us, machines and appliances beeping, it’s alarms and a multitude of other things demanding our attention. Before you know it another week has passed. 

There are many ways to reconnect with yourself, breathing is a great and easy way to centre your focus on what’s really important. Many other things can be great for finding yourself and calming your mind. Walking barefoot, I personally love doing this at the beach but just kick off those shoes and stand out on your grass at home if you are strapped for time. Another thing I really like to do to take back control of my mind and my actions is to  read a book and let my imagination wonder. My favourite of all to help combat the busy life I live, is to take a few conscious breaths. As Eckhart Tolle says, “one conscious breath in and out is a meditation”. I like to aim for 10, this is because I usually get distracted around 7, for me I like to start again until I achieve it. Some days this takes me 2 goes, most days it takes me multiple attempts. This also gives me feedback on how much stress I am under and so I can then regulate my week accordingly. Maybe I need to just reschedule a few things that week to a later date and take that time to just relax. Maybe I’ll get down to the beach or read a book, even get in a little more exercise or take a nap. Give back to my body a bit because without my health I can’t achieve all I want to. 

So check in with yourself, really focus, talk out loud and think deeply about what you are feeling in that moment. Check your breathing, is it slow and calm, are you breathing into your belly or just chest breathing. Are you holding your jaw tight or are your eyebrows tense. Do a quick body scan and try reset all the tense spots and your breathing. Then thank yourself for stopping and checking in and continue on with your day. There is something really powerful if you can achieve nothing, even just for a short moment. Give it a go and see how after a few days you’ll be feeling clearer, calmer and making decisions that are better for you. 

Dr Shinae Brownrigg


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