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It is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.

Mahatma Gandhi.

Healthy Boundaries – An Essential for Everyone.

If I told you boundaries are the very foundation necessary to build a strong internal structure, one that will allow you to heal, grow, and move forward in the world, a foundation that is lasting across time and that may one day be the very foundations that enable us to bear up under the weight of any hardship that we often experience from time to time throughout life, would you agree? Let’s consider this for a moment.

We all need a little faith, and without that it’s hard to make forward progress, however boundaries are the most necessary foundation for an individual to move forward in life toward their full-potential and self-actualisation.

What are healthy boundaries exactly?

Boundaries are ‘where you and I meet’. Healthy boundaries ensure that I value and respect myself past, present and future, while simultaneously valuing and respecting those around me. When I implement and action healthy boundaries, I am giving you permission to do so to. We often discuss the importance of being open and saying ‘yes’, but rarely, when and how to say ‘no’. A lack of healthy boundaries exposes us to the harsher aspects of life, leading to feelings of hurt, mistrust and potentially resentment.

Healthy boundaries in the present opens the door for a more positive and safe outlook on life, begins to re-establish trust, helps to heal the past and holds us responsible for how we show up in the world, an important step toward empowerment. When we have healthy boundaries in the present we are actioning ourselves toward our full-potential without the heaviness and burden of resentment. Operating in this mode attracts others who simultaneously respect and value not only their own healthy boundaries, but yours too. These individuals tend to want the best for not only themselves, but for the people around them.

Healthy boundaries create a ripple effect. Confidence grows individually and within our peer group as our actions and behaviours are rewarded and the positive effects of respecting our own personal values whilst simultaneously meeting and respecting another’s is revealed. Consistent movement forward in areas of health, relationships, job opportunity and satisfaction, and personal growth often result.

Healthy boundaries are the very foundations from which one can grow, building an internal structure on stone, rather than ‘a house of cards upon sand’. And did you know your brain chemistry, stress and anxiety can and will affect your ability to implement and maintain healthy boundaries?

Speak to one of our practitioners to discuss their role in your personal and professional boundaries, health and wellbeing!

Joann Farkas
Counsellor & Kinesiologist

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