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Mahatma Gandhi.


What is Sciatica?

By Mel   •   March 4th, 2020


Sciatica is a general term used to describe nerve pain in the leg that is caused by irritation and/or compression of the sciatic nerve. Sciatica originates in the lower back, radiates deep into the buttock, and travels down the posterior or lateral leg. It is important to note that any type of lower back pain or radiating leg pain is not sciatica. Sciatica is specific to pain that originates from the sciatic nerve.1 Your Chiropractor is a musculoskeletal health expert who can diagnose the underlying cause of your sciatic nerve pain and offer relevant treatment options to help restore your ...read more

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Why You Should Never Sit on Your Wallet

By Mel   •   October 20th, 2016

Why You Should Never Sit on Your Wallet

As a Chiropractor I commonly see many bad habits that create spinal dysfunction and lead to a variety of health problems. It is common to see a patient walk into our clinic with a huge wallet in their back pocket that is left their while they sit. When you sit on your wallet you create an uneven surface that our body must compensate for by creating a functional scoliosis, which in turn puts stress on spinal joints, nerve roots, muscles and ligaments and may lead to back pain, fatigue, trigger points and more. Back pain and sciatica are very common complaints seen in our office and back pain ...read more

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