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It is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.

Mahatma Gandhi.


Welcome Back Dom

By Mel   •   January 22nd, 2021

Hi everyone! I am delighted to be working back at Karrinyup Wellness Centre, after the birth of our baby girl, Saoirse. I have loved spending this past 10 months watching her grow and become an independent little lady, but it is definitely time to get back to work and see lots of existing and new clients for Kinesiology again. During my time off I managed to sneak in some personal development and do a course I’d been waiting to do since March (thanks COVID), this course was the follow on from previous courses in NEP’s (neuro emotional pathways) that I have completed. These extra tools ...read more

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Healthy Boundaries – An Essential for Everyone.

By Mel   •   July 31st, 2018

Healthy Boundaries – An Essential for Everyone.

If I told you boundaries are the very foundation necessary to build a strong internal structure, one that will allow you to heal, grow, and move forward in the world, a foundation that is lasting across time and that may one day be the very foundations that enable us to bear up under the weight of any hardship that we often experience from time to time throughout life, would you agree? Let’s consider this for a moment.We all need a little faith, and without that it’s hard to make forward progress, however boundaries are the most necessary foundation for an individual to move forward in ...read more

Kinesiology can help your brain fire right… and bright!

By Mel   •   November 23rd, 2017

Kinesiology can help your brain fire right… and bright!

Do you ever consider furthering your career, studying or pursuing a new interest, or feel the urge to break out of the rat race, expand your horizons and grow both personally and professionally?An incredible benefit of Kinesiology is that we can work effectively with individuals to support learning, career advancement, stress management, and promote growth in relationships. Our ability to create a brighter future, formulate new concepts and ideas, re-invent ourselves and step further into our full potential become a reality when we address the little blocks or stressors that may be currently ...read more

Despair vs Depression – Knowing the difference!

By Mel   •   May 2nd, 2017

Despair vs Depression - Knowing the difference!

I speak to so many people who tell me of the depression they have been diagnosed with, the anti-depressants they were prescribed that left them feeling foggy, and often what I hear and see is an individual feeling misunderstood and somewhat confused due to a lack of understanding.Depression by clinical definition is ‘a period of 2 weeks or longer during which there is either a depressed mood, or loss of interest or pleasure that has at least four other symptoms that reflect a change in functioning, such as problems with sleep, eating, energy, concentration, and self-image’.Depression is a ...read more


By Mel   •   September 20th, 2016


Guided meditations are a supportive and great way to begin a daily practice and there are many great cd's or support groups to get you started, but meditation can also be a very personal journey, and while guided meditations will get you well and truly on your way, sitting in contemplation with only the self can be a positive and deeply transformative experience. Regularly touch base with meditation groups for guided practice, but be open to beginning to trust our own inner teacher and guide, and introduce a solo meditation practice to the mix. For those of you contemplating meditation, I ...read more

How Kinesiology Helps with Stress

By Mel   •   May 3rd, 2016

How Kinesiology Helps with Stress

Kinesiology never ceases to amaze me. I am constantly reminded of the profound effects that can be felt almost immediately by my clients which have inspired me to write and explore something I hear repeatedly in my practice. Something that I too have personally experienced... Simply this - 'I didn’t know how stressed I was until I wasn't!' When assessing new clients, holistic practitioners are carefully monitoring the stress, anxiety and dis-ease in the physical body, the emotional, mental and spiritual world, and the subtle energetic layers. What’s alarming is that people are often ...read more

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