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It is health that is the real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.

Mahatma Gandhi.

3 Tips that you can use RIGHT NOW that will improve your Posture

Poor Posture and posture-related pain is something that we see regularly in clinic and can easily observe every day as we interact with a huge percentage of the public who suffer from this issue.

Below are my top 3 tips for combatting this epidemic, and while they may seem very simple, I challenge anyone reading this to try implementing them daily for just 2 weeks and see how much better you feel.

Drink Water (at LEAST 2 litres, more if you’re a bigger human than average)

Yes, we have all heard it a million times. Drink more water, drink 2 litres, hydrate more … blah, blah, blah and yet most of still don’t do it! Yes it’s SUCH a simple habit to pick up that will maintain the hydration of your body and its various tissue – skin, muscles, joints (particularly important in posture), that I think we just don’t prioritise NEARLY enough!

Do me a favour, get yourself a 1L water bottle (not an empty pump bottle that you can be thrown away or collect 50 of in the back of your car and preferably not plastic). Finish it before 11am, then try and finish another by 3pm. Do this daily for 2 weeks and watch as your body and brain thank you for it!

Stop being a slave to your phone

This is one that everyone knows is going to be good for us but no-one does. You look around at any public area/crowded room and you’ll see a good percentage of people who look like they’ve idolised the Hunchback of Notre Dame growing up as they consume whatever stimulation Facebook, Instragram or Youtube is feeding their brain.

Bring your phone TO YOU, and STOP leaning down to your phone. It brings your big noggin’ (average weight of approximately 5kg) back up and balances it back on the rest of your spine. Instead of trying to develop that bent-over-old-crone look that comes with hours scrolling through Insta or Pinterest trying to find the perfect meme to sum up that “perthisok.

Trust me, Insta is more fun when you don’t have a headache.

I like to move it, move it!

That’s right, MOVE your body! Stretch your neck, roll your shoulders back and forth, bend down and touch your toes!! What’s that? You can’t reach your toes? Well, there is only one way that we’re going to get reacquainted with those little piggies and that is to practice that movement regularly!!

But even if you aren’t anywhere near being able to grab your ankles, just moving your spine is the way that you generate 90% of your brain stimulation.

So if you want to perform better in front of the computer, or at school, then one simple trick is to (as King Julian from Madagascar puts it) Move It! Move It!

So try these 3 simple things REGULARLY, and I stress this because you don’t hit the gym once and expect to look like Arnie – it’s in the repetition that the greatest success is found.

If you see a change in how you feel, whether that be a reduction in pain or even less fatigue at the end of your work day, I would love to hear how these simple guiding tips may have helped you!

In the meantime, if you think you could use some further help in regards to any issues you might be experiencing, call the clinic on 9341 3020 and book a Complimentary Postural Assessment and find out how we can help you get back to your best.

Stay tuned for more tips and info coming soon 🙂

Dr Sean Laurie



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